Solubility is the carrageenan property

Instead of talking about carrageenan dangers, we are going to talk the properties of carrageenan. Yes, many people are now familiar with this thing after there are found the reports of bad effects of carrageenan consumption. For the refined carrageenan, the industry uses so many methods including alcohol precipitation. Unfortunately, we won’t talk it specifically, when it comes to knowing the properties of carrageenan, you will know what solubility is.

The types of carrageenan will be soluble in hot water at the temperatures above a temperature of its gel melting. The normal amplitude of solubility temperature would be between 40º and 70º C. There are other things to consider when you want to check solubility of the carrageenan. Yes, it includes cold water, cold milk, hot milk, and others. Probably the solubility will change due to the concentration. If you want to learn more about it, why don’t you contact us?

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